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5 Steps To Control Diabetes

control diabetes

Find out below about what steps need to be done to control diabetes to avoid complications because diabetes is a disease that can not be cured but can be controlled to avoid complications.

Diabetes is a disease that very potential to cause complications because it can affect all parts of the body. That’s why diabetes needs serious treatment to be well controlled. Control diabetes will reduce risk of heart disease, cataracts, blindness, nerve damage, erectile dysfunction, kidney failure and various other infections.

To control your diabetes properly, you should follow the steps below:

1. Getting the right information about diabetes
Learn everything related to the disease that would have helped you to control diabetes better and reduce the risk of other problems. One of the best information to get is a risk factor for the occurrence of complications.

2. Treatment for diabetes
If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, then find the right doctor to get proper treatment and care of such control diabetes on a regular basis, and do not hesitate to ask your doctor to explain everything about this disease.

3. Controlling blood sugar levels
One of the factors causing complications are blood sugar levels are poorly controlled, either too high (hyperglycemia) or low (hypoglycemia). Could not hurt to have a blood sugar measuring device that can be used at home, so you can control diabetes better.

4. Controlling diabetes
Type 2 diabetes is a disease that is influenced by lifestyle, for it to do a proper diet by avoiding certain foods that can worsen diabetes, regular exercise, caring for the body well, avoid smoking and reduce alcohol. This measurement to control diabetes is important to prevent your disease from getting worse.

5. Controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels
Diabetes and heart disease are interrelated, it is important to manage blood pressure and cholesterol levels effectively. Excess cholesterol can accumulate along the walls of arteries and lead to failure and even stroke or heart attack. Thus, controlling your blood pressure and cholesterol level also means that you control diabetes.

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