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Natural Treatment For Dry Skin

Take advantage of the following three natural ingredients below as a treatment for dry skin, as well as to restore the moisture of your skin .

Both hot or cold weather can make your skin becomes very dry. Typically, dry skin starts from rough, peeling, until finally cracked skin. This is very annoying and can also be ‘infectious’ to other parts of the body, such as hair. But do not panic if you have this condition. Julie Gabriel, author of ‘The Green Beauty Guide’, tells of three natural ingredients that you can do as treatment for dry skin, as reported by

3 Natural Treatment For Dry Skin

1. Olive oil
Using the olive oil is the easiest and most effective treatment for dry skin. Gabriel even reveal if olive oil is a cure for dryness in the whole body. Starting from the skin of the face, hands, feet, until the hair.

“When your skin feels very extra dry, just apply a small amount of extra virgin olive oil. You can mix them with moisturizer or lotion that you use,” said Gabriel.

treatment for dry skin

2. Yogurt and papaya
Two of these materials can also be used as treatment for dry skin. If you already have them both on your kitchen, take advantage of it. But you will need plain Greek yogurt. That’s because yogurt could clean and remove dead skin cells. Yogurt is very good for dry skin because it cleans the skin using lactic acid instead of scrubs, which can actually aggravate dry skin condition.

For maximum results, you can also use it for the face mask. Mix half a cup of yogurt with three tablespoons of papaya that has been destroyed. Apply on the face and let sit about 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse with clean water.

treatment for dry skin

3. Honey
Your lips is dry and even cracked? Take advantage of honey. Honey is very good as a treatment for dry skin. The content of vitamins and minerals in honey is very high, so it will effectively cure dry lips. You can also apply honey on your dry feet and elbows.

treatment for dry skin

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