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Look Beautiful Without Draining Your Pocket

There are ways for you to look beautiful without buying expensive products.

Saves your expenses, by reducing the purchase of beauty products, does not mean your look will be not optimal. Many ways you can do to still look beautiful without buying expensive products. Ranging from hair styling, beautify the skin and eyes can be done without draining your pocket. Want to know how? Just follow the following four tricks that was launched from

4 Tips To Look Beautiful Without Draining Your Pocket

1. Add hair Volume
Leave the expensive spray products and move on to the mousse. With cheaper prices you can still look beautiful with voluminous hair. This is because it contains a lightweight resin, will lift the hair strands, adding thickness and lift hair at the root, mousse gives a much more volume effects. When drying your hair, keep your head down and start from the bottom. This will increase hair volume, because lifting the hair from the root. So, no need to go to the salon to make your hair look beautiful.

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2. Reduce skin redness
When your skin is redness, do not immediately find the expensive skin creams. Typically, this condition is due to irritation and skin tend to be sensitive. Cream-based chemicals, can actually worsen. Take advantage of milk, as a reliever to your irritate skin.

The trick, soak soft towels in cold milk. Then, put a towel on your face for 10 minutes. Milk contains proteins, fats, amino acids and vitamins A, which can reduce redness and soothe skin irritations. Not only that, lactic acid in milk also helps process of exfoliation the dead skin cells. Thus, your skin will look brighter and radiant, as well as make you look beautiful.

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3. Make lips look more sexy
No need to buy another lip gloss or lipstick to add to the collection makes lips look more sexy. Dark or bright colors always attract the size of your lips. The key to make your lips look more beautiful is to accentuate the lip line. After wearing lipstick, make a line outside the natural lip line with a lip pencil that has the same color with the color of lipstick. Do not be too large to make the curve of the lips, because it will look fake.  There is no reason for you to get surgically enhanced lips, and in general try all the non surgical facial options possible before giving into plastic surgery.

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4. Tapering eyelashes
You must be agree that the key to look beautiful is the tapering eyelashes. The key to maximum tapering lashes is not expensive mascara. However, it’s about how you curl it with eyelash curler. Before applying mascara, in a state of eyelashes clean and dry, put the clamp on the roots of the lashes. Then, pinch and hold it for a long time, do as much as three times. There are other tricks, so that the effect of tapering is more durable. That is by heating your eyelash curler with a hair dryer for 15 seconds. The warmth of the eyelash curler will make the tapering effect will be more maximal and durable. After that, you simply use a thin mascara, it would seem more natural.

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