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5 Best Foods For Weight Loss Program

One way to lose weight is to eat the right foods for weight loss. Do not choose the wrong food because it can raise your weight instead of losing it. Foods like chocolate or fast foods could increase your weight rapidly. But tea and beans could help you to reduce your weight. So what foods you should eat to be slim? Discover below

5 Best Foods For Weight Loss

Eggs is on our first position of best foods for weight loss. Eggs are the most ideal source of protein. Protein can help to build muscle, which can help burn more calories. Even more interesting you do not have to worry about fat content, because 25% of fat in the egg will burn by itself when the body digest it. 2 servings of omelet can meet your daily protein needs and can help you to lose weight.

foods for weight loss

Eat nuts are believed to help your weight loss program, and indeed nuts are good foods for weight loss. Perhaps this is due to the high protein and high fiber content in nuts. Beside, nuts can help improve the metabolism in the body. Make it as a snack every day it seems not a bad idea. Some example of nuts are walnuts, cashew, almond, Brazil nuts, pistachio, etc.

foods for weight loss

Quinoa is the kind of healthy grains that are often found in the Andean region, south America, as well as Spain. Quinoa contains more protein that serves as a hungry barrier, a good source fiber, and also contain fewer carbohydrates than other staple foods. Want to feel its effect as foods for weight loss? Replace any rice that you normally eat with Quinoa.

foods for weight loss

Green tea is a highly effective fat destroyer. Study in 240 men and women in Japan who drank green tea showed they can lose weight. For maximum results brew a bag of green tea as often as possible. The more bitter and the darker the color, the better the tea’s effect as foods for weight loss.

foods for weight loss

Milk is perhaps full of fat but it also a good foods for weight loss. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that adding two cups of skim milk after a workout will help build muscle and burn fat two times more effective than drinking a special drink for sports. But make sure the milk you drink is really original cow’s milk.

foods for weight loss

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