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6 Symptoms Of Depression in Men

It is important for you to recognize symptoms of depression in men because symptoms of depression in men is different from women. Not just women who are vulnerable to stress and even lead to depression, the condition can also be experienced by men.  That is why, most men do not realize the physical symptoms associated with depression. But, if left untreated and undiagnosed, it can be a hidden condition that could have dangerous consequences. The following are some symptoms of depression in men.

symptoms of depression in men

Six symptoms of depression in men

1. Hard to focus
Having trouble concentrating at work lately, or feel more focused on negative thoughts is included in symptoms of depression in men. People who have depression often have difficulty in concentrating at work. Depression impairs the ability of someone to think clearly, take the right decisions, and perform complex tasks.

2. Irritable
Other common symptoms of depression that is rapid emotion changing. Unlike women who vent their feelings in the form of tears, men tend to restrain anger. Some depression manifested by hostility. Apart from this, men often find themselves emotionally and simple and in a state of annoyance. Support from friends and family can make all the difference in such situations.

3. Diminished sexual arousal
Although many are reluctant to admit, in fact, depression is often associated with loss of sexual desire and erectile dysfunction. This is because depressed people often believe that they are not able to improve enough energy to follow the normal routine. Brain activity during depression causes feelings of despair and this, in turn, causes loss of libido and sexual dysfunction. Yf your sexual desires suddenly dimmed, you must be worry because it could be the symptoms of depression in men.

4. Digestive problems
If you suffering from problem on your digestive system, go to the doctor immediately because it could be the symptoms of depression in men. According to a study by Harvard Medical School, the pain, especially chronic, highly influenced by psychological. In fact, men with chronic pain have a three times greater risk of depression compared with healthy people. Other studies have claimed that in addition to chronic pain, depression is also associated with digestive disorders. It can be treated using prescribed medications and counseling and psychological therapy.

5. Irregular sleep
Sleeping too much or too little sleep is a general symptoms of depression. Usually, people with depression complain about waking up and not be able to go back to sleep. Some even frequently awakened at night or in difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

6. Extreme fatigue
Feeling tired also one symptoms of depression in men. Most of them experienced fatigue and lack of motivation to complete routine tasks.

If you are experiencing syptoms of depression in men like-above, it helps you to quickly make efforts to overcome them as written in 5 Tips To Overcome Depression

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