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The Signs of Aging in Men

You may already be aware of common signs of aging like wrinkles or gray hair, but what about the signs of aging in men? Have you know it? There are four signs of aging that most feared by men, as quoted from the pages of

4 Signs of Aging In Men

Impotence is the signs of aging in men that is most feared. While libido decreased, this condition can lower men self-esteem. If you experience impotence early, this should watch out, because for men, this problem is more frightening than cancer or death. In the case you do have cancer look at this page on chemo side effects before taking any chemotherapy treatments. There may be a medical reason behind this disorder of men aging to fast.

If healthy men have erectile problems may be an indication to have an abnormal coronary network, high blood pressure, blood sugar levels are too high in the blood, or other signs of heart disease. If this condition is experienced by your partner, try to check the cholesterol of regular basis. Therefore, three-quarters of men with erectile dysfunction have abnormal cholesterol levels.

Also know that habits can lead to erectile dysfunction so that you can avoid it in

Physical weakness
Loss of physical strength is the signs of aging that could make a man feel insecure. If he was unable to lift something heavy, then they will think: ‘What kind of man I am’. Feeling weak as one signs of aging in men that dreaded 9 out of 10 men who were surveyed earlier this year by the American Geriatrics Society Foundation (AGSF) and Abbott Labs.

To fix this, start with exercise and healthy diet from an early age. The problem is, currently only 25 percent of 1,000 adult men in the study AGSF who exercise regularly even though this is fundamental to protecting the health of muscles.

Retirement is a signs of aging in men that often make most men feel anxious. Although not all men feel this, not a few men who are wondering, ‘If I’m no longer have a career, what can I do?’. Men fear retirement, because of how they define themselves and how to fill their time. Different from men, women prefer early retirement. Most women felt she could spend more time for family, friends and children. Solutions to confront this fear, invite your spouse to always try to follow the new technology, remain socialized with younger people to rediscover their youthful spirit.

Men are more prone to early dementia than women. According to a Mayo Clinic study published in the September 2010 journal states, one in five men aged 70-85 years had early dementia. Dementia is a health issue that often worry about a lot of people, especially men. Know that only about 15 percent of cases of mild cognitive impairment progress to dementia each year. To overcome this problem, it helps maintain a healthy lifestyle for your heart-health to reduce the risk of early senility.

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