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Prevent Hair Loss Through Healthy Diet

You can prevent hair loss by doing a healthy diet healthy diet. Healthy diet is not only beneficial to maintain an ideal body appearance, it can also support healthy hair, including to prevent hair loss.

If your hair begins to thin and bald, you need to prevent it from getting worse. There are some dietary modifications that can help you maintain healthy hair. Not just for women, men can have a sensitive issue in the hair. Not only wash your hair, a healthy diet is also beneficial to improve the health of the scalp. What you eat can greatly affect your body’s health condition, including the hair. In order to prevent hair loss, it is recommended for you to eat the following foods.

7 Foods To Prevent Hair Loss


Not only good for eye health, carrots is also beneficial to prevent hair loss. The content of vitamin A found in carrots provide an excellent nutrition to the scalp. A healthy scalp can make hair shiny. The content of vitamin A in carrots can also moisturizes and strengthens hair so it does not easily fall out. Healthy balanced diet is also highly recommended. Diets rich in protein, eat lots of fruits, and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, fatty fish like salmon and low-fat milk is also beneficial to support healthy hair as well as prevent hair loss.

Green Beans

Although green beans are not rich in antioxidants or vitamins or certain minerals, but the green beans contain a balanced amount of vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc and B group vitamins It is important to maintain healthy hair plus prevent hair loss.


Not only are loaded with fiber that helps maintain a healthy heart and stomach, oats or wheat also contain high concentrations of essential nutrients like zinc, iron and omega-6 fatty acids. Oats also contain polyunsaturated fatty acids as (PUFA). Omega-6 fatty acids is particularly important to maintaining normal skin, hair growth and as an agent of development. This dense nutrient content of oats can help to prevent hair loss. Because these nutrients are important and only obtained through food, make sure you always include oats on your breakfast..


Of the various kinds of seafood are available, shrimp is seafood with high protein content. Shrimp also contains vitamin B12, iron, zinc which is needed to prevent hair loss.


Not to be outdone by wheat, walnuts are one of the most hairfriendly nuts. Not only contains more omega-6, but also full of other nutrients like zinc, iron, vitamin B (B1, B6 and B9), and many proteins. However, be careful, walnuts also contain selenium, a mineral known to cause hair loss if consumed too much. So a handful of walnuts for a week is the ideal number to get its benefit to prevent hair loss.


Eggs, loaded with essential nutrients such as protein, vitamin B12, iron, zinc and Omega 6 fatty acids in large quantities. Deficiency of one of these vitamins and minerals can lead to poor quality of the hair. Not only that, the content of biotin (vitamin B7) on the eggs also able to prevent hair loss.

Low-fat dairy products

Low-fat dairy products like skim milk and yogurt are great sources of calcium, a mineral essential for hair growth. They also contain whey and casein. Add a cup of yogurt or cheese to your diet to help prevent hair loss.

Keep in mind also, stress and too much use of hair spray and hair gel, became one of the causes of hair loss. To that end, avoid excessive stress and use of chemical hair products are harmful, including avoiding exposure to sunlight, pollution, rain water and excessive dust. This all can cause hair easily dry, brittle and weak. Read more infotmation about what causes hair loss in the article The Main Cause Of Hair Loss In Women

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