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Identify The Cause And How To Treat Acne

Knowing the cause of acne is an important step so that you know how to treat acne. Acne is often present in our face, not only due to a dirty face. There are other factors that cause acne to occur, such as what’s written in the article 5 Habits That Cause Acne. Here are four factors that cause acne and how to treat acne. Know the cause and know how to treat acne right away.

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4 Causes and How To Treat Acne

1. Hormonal changes
Before period, acne usually appears suddenly, it is a common thing in women. The hormone progesterone can affect the appearance of pimples because the skin produces excess oil. It is difficult to treat acne that caused by hormonal changes

Small bumps are usually disappear, if the hormone was normal again. But you can prevent it from arising more and more diligently by washing your face with soap made from sulfur. Active ingredient present in sulfur, are effective to treat acne.

2. Bacteria
Dirt that accumulates on the face, causing bacteria to grow in the pores. These bacteria are transformed into a pimple. To prevent dirt deposits on the face, you must be diligent scrubbing your face, at least once a week. If you want to treat acne, look for a fine grain scrub to avoid irritation.

3. Make-up
Make sure your face free of make-up at night before bed. In order for makeup really clean from the face, after washing your face, use toner cleanser. Cleansing your face is an important key to treat acne.

4. The content of make-up and face cream
The remaining make-up on your face is not only the cause of acne. Existing materials in cosmetics could also trigger acne. The key to treat acne that caused by cosmetics is checking the ingredients in your cosmetics first. If your face type is oily, avoid oil-based makeup because the oil content in cosmetics can trigger acne. Ingredients like shea-butter or natural oils can clog pores and cause acne. For sensitive skin or oily skin prone to acne, you should choose mineral cosmetics.

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