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The Main Cause Of Hair Loss In Women

cause of hair loss

Knowing the cause of hair loss is important so you can prevent hair loss sooner. As you may know, keeping your ‘crown’ is not easy. There are problems that make your hair look not optimal. One of the most annoying problems is the loss in quantity, that make the hair thinner.

As reported from, according to the American Hair Loss Association (AHLA) forty percent of people who seek treatment for hair loss are women. To overcome this loss you need to find out first what the main cause of hair loss. Want to know what? Here are five drivers of female hair loss according to Richard Mizuguchi, MD, Director of hair restoration surgery at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York City.

5 Main Cause of Hair Loss In Women

The conditions of stress that cause of hair loss known as telogen effluvium. Emotional stress and physical trauma can cause the hair in the ‘resting state, which is hair begins to loss and new hair does not grow immediately. According to Mizuguchi probably related metabolic and hormonal changes triggered by stress.

Give birth
Giving birth also one of the main cause of hair loss. “When you’re pregnant, your hair can be more dense than usual,” said Mizuguchi. This is because the surge of estrogen during pregnancy increases, which then decreased after delivery. So a few months after giving birth, you will start losing a lot of hair. While it may be surprising to see so much hair on your comb, do not worry. This usually does not cause permanent hair loss.

Styling products
If your hair is not falling out, but broken, styling products can be blamed. Hair dyes, gels, and hair spray can cause hair to become brittle. Too often use a flat iron or hair dryer also makes hair brittle and prone to breakage. This kind of styling products could the cause of hair loss in women.

Drastic weight loss
“A strict diet, where you lose more than 5 kilograms per month, could be the cause of hair loss,” said Mizuguchi. Drastic physical changes disrupt the system, and forced your hair roots to close and are in the rest position. After one or two months, the follicle usually come back and new hair will grow back.

Iron deficiency
Iron deficiency could be the cause of hair loss. Apart from protein, the body also needs iron for hair growth. If your body does not get enough iron, then the grow will disrupt or even stop. Problem of iron deficiency is usually experienced by women who menstruate for a long time or a lot. So, do not be surprised if during menstruation, hair is falling out a lot. You can reduce it by eating iron-rich foods such as meat, beans and green vegetables.

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