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6 Habits That Cause Erectile Dysfunction

cause erectile dysfunction

Do you know that eating processed foods and riding motorcycle can cause erectile dysfunction? Over the years the factors of anxiety, stress and smoking is referred to as the culprit of erectile dysfunction, which affects 20-30 million men in America. Apparently, various studies over the last decade found there are some habits that also cause erectile dysfunction. But men often forget that the evil habits that affect their sexual life. Men do not realize their daily habits can result in erectile dysfunction. There are six habits that make men more likely to experience erectile problems, as quoted from Everyday Health, namely:

6 Habits That Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Riding a motorcycle
Prolonged riding motorcycle can cause erectile dysfunction. Study founds that men who ride a motorcycle more than three hours per week at risk of damaging some of the specific nerve. Sitting on hard chairs in the same position can compress the perineum, the area between the anus and the scrotum and the nerves arterial pressure required to achieve normal sexual function.

Brushing teeth
This habit that often underestimated can also cause erectile dysfunction. The man who forgot to brushing teeth and flossing can increase the bacteria in the gums. The bacteria can move from the gums into the blood stream and into the blood vessels and make the plaque and clog it. Clogged blood vessels make erection difficult to achieve.

Processed foods
Poor eating habits such as consumption of canned foods affect the ability of men in sexual terms. Canned processed foods are generally coated by bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical that can disrupt the male sex hormone system. Thus too much eating processed foods can cause erectile dysfunction.

Habitual snoring is also a bad signal for sexual health and can cause erectile dysfunction. Because, snoring and apnea show a low oxygen flow. Whereas oxygen is necessary to achieve maximal erection.

Certain drugs
Several types of drugs known to cause erectile dysfunction is anti-depressant drugs and blood pressure-lowering drugs. In addition, medications that contain serotonin, also known inhibit male sexual function.

Pelvic Trauma
Injuries in the pelvic area due to have had a car accident or fall from a ladder is at risk of causing damage to nerves in the arteries which then cause erectile dysfunction. You must be cery careful to keep yourself from falling so you won’t suffer from erectile dysfunction that caused by pelvic injuries.

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