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3P – Recognize The Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes has become a rapidly growing pandemic. The disease is estimated to cause four million deaths per year, almost equal to death from HIV/AIDS. A data from the year of 2000 indicate diabetes affects 8.4 million people and will increase to 21.3 million in 2030.

Most diabetics (diabetes patients) diagnosed at chronic state. Often after complications in the kidneys, eyes, blood vessels, or nerves. The danger of diabetes is not only a high blood sugar, but its complications.

If diabetes can be diagnosed early, the chance to control blood sugar would be better so that complications can be avoided. The detection of diabetes, a major, indeed the results of blood sugar. Blood sugar levels by examination after fasting over 126 and blood sugar checks at any time above 200 is called diabetes.

In addition to laboratory tests, there are three classic symptoms of diabetes is also called 3P, namely:

1. Polyuria or frequent urination with a lot of volume, especially at night.
Why is that? If blood sugar levels exceed the renal threshold value or more than 180 mg/dl, then the sugar will come out with urine. To keep the urine comes out, that contain sugar, not too thick, the body will draw as much water as possible into the urine so the urine volume that came out a lot and urinating became frequent. It will very often so that at night can disrupt sleep.

2. Polydipsia or often feel thirsty and want to drink as much as possible.
With so much urine comes out, the body will lack of water or dehydration. To overcome this, there a thirst arise so that people always want to drink and want a cool, sweet, fresh, and more water. Sugary drinks will be very detrimental because it spikes blood sugar levels.

3. Polyphagia or increased appetite and lack of energy.
In diabetes, because insulin problems, inclusion of sugar into body cells will become less so that energy is even less established. That is why people become limp. Thus, the brain is also thought that less energy is due to lack of food. Therefore, the body is trying to increase food intake by causing feelings of hunger so you always wanted to eat.

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