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How To Beat Food Addiction

As you often overeat (Food addiction), you can not solve the problem simply by eating less and exercising. This is because when you are not able to control or stop the desire to eat, a sign you start craving for certain food, such as what’s written on  5 Foods That Can Make You Addicted. For that, you need therapy or specific treatment to cure it.

If you are just beginning to feel the characteristics of food addiction, trying to do the four rules of eating that can help you beat food addiction:
food addiction
1. Keep a food journal
Many people underestimate how much they eat. By creating a food journal, you can stay honest with yourself about how much food you already eat, thus keeping food addiction at bay.

2. Combine protein with carbohydrate at meals
This will help keep blood sugar levels remain steady and slow release of serotonin to the brain thereby preventing the occurrence of a strong desire to eat again. In addition, it also prevents the guilt and depression caused afterwards. Combining this two nutrients is an important part of preventing food addiction.

3. Ask yourself, why are you hungry?
When the desire to eat is not caused by hunger, food will never make you happy. Treat your body like a car: first check the gas tank before you fill again. Imagine the number 1 and number 10 is a hunger to satiety. Make it so that you are at number 4 when the stomach started to feel hungry, but not too hungry. This method can prevent food addiction

4. Perform tricks on the brain.
Think for 10 seconds to sense whether you are really hungry. If hunger is not too urgent, there are ways to reduce levels of stress without food. Do whatever it takes to make you breathe, whether it’s talking with friends or watching soap operas. Change your routine. Thus, the brain will begin to want a fun activity, rather than sweet and fatty foods.

For some people, overeating has become a serious disease that can not be defeated in their own way. In this case, the sufferer must consult a doctor for a referral to a specialist or psychologist diet.

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