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5 Foods That Trigger Headache

Headaches can be one of the health complaints that are often thrown. The trigger is quite diverse, not just only about the health condition but also food or drink that you consume.

Many health practitioners believe that the headaches can be overcome by keeping the diet remains balanced. Including, to avoid or at least reduce the food and drinks that can trigger headaches. You might already read about 8 foods to relieve headache, now it is time for you to read about foods that cause headache so you will be able to avoid consuming them next time:

1. Cheese
Milk contains high protein, which is very important in cheese making. This protein when processed in the body will trigger the production of tyramine. During this process, can cause headaches. So, make sure you don’t eat cheese excessively.

2. Alcohol
Alcohol, consumed even in small amounts can trigger a headache because it is directly absorbed into the blood. Thus, be careful in consuming alcohol, although in a small amount.

3. Food additives
Food coloring used in foods can also trigger allergic reactions and headaches. It’s best to avoid it is to eat foods that contain no coloring or preservatives.

4. Coffee
In some people, coffee can indeed relieve headaches. But, on the contrary, it triggers headaches. That’s because the caffeine content in coffee when mixed with magnesium in the body can trigger headaches.

5. Fast foods
Fast foods, such as burgers, hot dog, pizza, or french fries usually contain lots of monosodium glutamate (MSG). This substance is easy to trigger pain in the head, even made it worse. Moreover, the body takes longer to digest food. This triggered a more rapid blood flow suddenly into the brain and cause headaches.

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