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5 Foods That Can Cause Food Addiction

You may not realize that you can also suffer from food addiction. So far, we know the dangers of alcohol consumption, drugs, and cigarettes for health because it can cause addiction or dependence effects that are difficult to stop. However, have you realized that some kind of food we consume daily can also cause addiction? Here are five types of food are considered the most addictive and can influence you to eat constantly.

Foods That Can Cause Food Addiction

1. Chocolate
Many people claim to be lovers of chocolate, but know that you are actually addicted to chocolate? One reason many people feel “addicted” to eat chocolate is because these foods contains chemical compounds (theobromine, phenyethylamine, anandamide, and tryptophan) that provides comfort and can mimic the effects of the drug to affect the brain. Chocolate also contains alkaloids (tetrahydro-beta-carbolines) that also present in alcoholic beverages.
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2. Cheese
Cheese can also cause food addiction. Various studies have found the content of opiates (highly addictive morphine) in processed cheese products. Research has shown that the amount of morphine in the cheese is very small and may not be enough to cause addiction. However, some researchers have expressed their concern about the level of casein (the main protein in cheese), which produces compounds such as morphine or opiates called casomorphins. In addition, the cheese also contains phenylethylamine (a stimulant effect) and is known to have addictive qualities.
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3. Sugar
We all know that sugar is bad for health, but, according to many studies, the sugar also can include addictive substances, thus causes food addiction. Studies have suggested, when we consume sugar, chemicals called opioids released by the brain, which cause pleasure. This feeling makes people crave for sugar. A study at Princeton University investigated the effects of sugar addiction in rats. They found, after being given a high-sugar diet, the mice develop symptoms such as shaking and there is a change of chemical compounds in the brain after being given sugar. This study concludes, it is possible for us to rely on sugar. You should also know about high sugar foods on Beware, This Foods Contains Hidden Sugar
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4. Burgers and processed meat
Many studies have shown, the fat in junk food, like burgers, can actually causes food addiction. According to Professor David Kessler, former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug, a combination of fat, salt, and sugar in junk food can trigger the brain to the “point of happiness” and make us wanting more. Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute Florida supports this theory by doing a study that suggests that the addictive response in rat brains when eating junk food just like in people who take cocaine or heroin.
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5. Coffee
Not a few among us who claim to hard start the day without a cup of coffee. People often joked that they were “addicted” to caffeine. The debate over the effects of caffeine has been going on for years. However, for whatever reason, caffeine is still nicknamed as the most popular “cure” in the world and becomes a staple in the daily routine.

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