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Beware, This Foods Contains Hidden Sugar

Consumption of too much sugar can be bad for the body such as the trigger diabetes. You can read about the effect of excessive consumption of sugar on How Sugar Destroy Your Health. Excessive sugar consumption can make a person become addicted. If this happens will lead to some medical condition caused by excess sugar such as obesity, tooth decay, changes in mood and reduced immune system.

You may already try to limit table sugar consumption. But some other foods are known to have a fairly high sugar content and should be wary of. Here are some foods that are high in hidden sugar:

1. Dried cranberries
The dried fruit can make a person more easily store and still contain high antioxidants. But unfortunately it is difficult to find dried cranberries that are not given extra sugar.

2. Packed fruit
The fruit pieces are sold is often thought to be healthier, but many pieces of fruit that you have contains added sugar while the fruit itself already contains fructose. To be safe buy fruit that is still intact and not cut.

3. Yogurt with honey
Yogurt is good because it contains protein and probiotics that can nourish the intestines. But if the yogurt plus honey, it will increase its sugar content. Better to choose yogurt with an added fruit.

4. Canned tomato soup
People often add a little sugar when making tomato soup, but in a half cup of canned tomato soup already contains about 12 grams of sugar therefore does not need to add more sugar.

5. Cold green tea
Making green tea without sugar may be healthy, but most people add sugar in green tea so that its sugar content becomes higher.

6. Popcorn
Popcorn was not only contain high salt but also sugar, one cup of popcorn contains 16 grams of sugar.

7. Orange juice
Fruit juices are rich in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, but orange juice is known to contain sugar is higher than carrot juice especially if sugar is added when making it.

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