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Control Your Weight With This 6 Vegetables

Eating vegetables that contain lots of water regularly, can help you lose weight. In a study conducted at the University of Tokyo, women who ate foods with high water content can lower the body mass index and has a smaller waist circumference.

A number of researchers suggests that the water content in certain foods make the effects of early satiety, so that appetite was reduced. If you have trouble losing weight because you can not resist the desire to eat, eat some vegetables may help. The benefits do not stop there. In addition to containing a lot of water, some vegetables also has nutrients that can maintain a healthy body. Here are the list of best vegetables for weight loss:

1. Broccoli
These vegetables are the best source of fiber and calcium. Besides digestion, fiber binds water is also beneficial in the body. Make a salad of cooked broccoli, with a dressing of sesame oil and a sprinkling of cashews.

2. Cabbage
Cabbage is rich in anti oxidants and vitamin C. They also improves the immune system. Consume pan-fried cabbage to preserve its nutrients.

3. Cauliflower
One of the vegetables that contain lots of water, are also good sources of vitamin C that can fight cancer. Cauliflowers can be eaten raw or steamed for a while so that the benefits of antioxidant be had to the fullest.

4. Lettuce
Lettuce contains only 60-70 calories, but it also occupies one of the top lists as vegetables to your diet. Several types of lettuce is a source vitamin B, folic acid and iron which helps regulate blood sugar levels.

5. Spinach
This soft-textured green leaves are rich in iron, folic acid and vitamin K. Spinach also contains beta carotene and vitamin C, phytochemicals lutein that can help to prevent myopic eyes due to aging.

6. Beets
This kind of radish are rich in potassium, folic acid, antioxidant and a mixture of sulfur which can cure digestive problems. The leaves contain more vitamin C than oranges and contains much calcium.

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