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Best Foods For Acne

What you eat, that’s what you’ll get. This applies to health, both physical and mental, including in matters of beauty. According to Elliott Weiss, MD, a dermatologist from the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York, several recent studies described that a diet rich in sugar and contain milk and dairy will trigger acne. But if someone is eating fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, including lean meats, then the acne will be lazy to approach.

If acne has already come, what to avoid and what to eat? According to Dr. Weiss, you should avoid the consumption of tasty food that contain lots of sugar and milk and also fried foods. Add a portion of the diet that contains lots of vitamins and minerals. You will be healthier and stronger with these nutrients. Here are some best foods you should consume when acne strikes:

1. Avoid Chili, Select Other Seasonings
If you buff chili, avoid all kinds of dishes with an added chili. Starting from the fresh chilli, chilli flakes and the others because it can aggravate your acne condition. If you want spicy foods, pepper is better. Thyme, rosemary, and mint can be a friendly cooking option on your acne. For a while, start to cook your own meals you will eat.

2. Choose the Right Vegetables
Cucumber is a vegetable that is suitable for relieving acne. Water content is that much will help neutralize toxins from the cold and refreshing effect. Your inflamed acne can be helped by eating cucumbers. Orange vegetables rich in vitamin A which serves as a detox. Choose carrots and sweet potatoes.

3. Yogurt? No Problem
Milk and other dairy can aggravate acne indeed, exceptions to yogurt. Why are they different from other dairy products? Because yogurt has undergone a process of probiotics, which can help prevent bad bacteria that can cause acne from inside the body. Select Greek yogurt for the best results in the consumption of as much as 1-2 times a day. Though in the form of a blended smoothie with blueberries, beside delicious, they also rich in antioxidants.

4. Shellfish and Fresh Oysters
Choose fresh shellfish or fresh oysters when acne is coming. Seafood products are known as foods rich in vitamins and zinc to arouse the libido that controls the male hormone, also controls the hormones that cause acne. The content of zinc is found in many shells will help the body more easily absorb vitamin A. In order for the mineral content is not lost, shells and oysters better consumed in fresh condition.

5. The Sweet of Dark Chocolate
Life did not calm down without a sweet tooth, and there are certain conditions where a woman is so crave for sweet foods. What is the best option? Dark chocolate. The content cathecin as high antioxidant will protect skin from pollutants and free radicals. Choose dark chocolate that is not mixed with milk. You can eat it directly or melted and eaten as a dip fresh strawberries or mixed with oatmeal.

6. Drink Minimum 8 Glass of Mineral Water
Drink at least 8 glasses a day, you must have often heard this advice as a form of toxins in the body’s expenditure related to health and beauty skin. When acne prone skin, then you should drink lots of mineral water to relieve inflammation and make the skin more supple. Want water with natural flavors? Add lemon slices or cucumber, it could be a few mint leaves. Because everything that contains lots of sugar aggravate acne conditions, do not touch soft drinks for a while.

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