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5 Chinese Herbs for your Heart Health

Many midlife women develop plaque buildup in their arteries, especially the coronary arteries, due to loss of elasticity in the blood vessels and a natural increase in cholesterol. Follow your cardiologist’s recommended protocols — and discuss using nature’s help, too, with the herbs in this traditional Chinese formula:


Ginseng reduces cholesterol and has shown positive effects on blood vessel elasticity.


Dong quai

Dong quai or Chinese angelica root, is traditionally used to treat blockages and help increase blood flow.


Sacred pine

This plant contains a potent antioxidant called picnogenol in its bark, needles, and nut that helps reduce inflammation in the blood vessels, lowering the risk of plaque buildup.



Ginkgo also increases microcapillary circulation and expands blood vessels.


Hawthorn berries

Hawthorn berries reduce fat and mucus accumulation, purify the blood, and improve blood flow.

These herbs are available separately or as a combined supplement from Chinese pharmacies and in some health food stores. Some of the herbs, like ginkgo, possess mild blood-thinning properties and may interact with blood-thinning drugs. You must talk to your medical doctor and cardiologist before you take these herbs if you are already taking prescription medications.



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