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Gonorrhea Prevention

Gonorrhea is an infection caused by a sexually transmitted bacterium called Neisseria gonorrhoeae that infect both males and females. It may lead you to some complications such as increased risk of HIV/AIDS. Here are some ways to prevent gonorrhea.

* Use condom
Abstaining from sex is surest way to prevent gonorrhea, but if you choose to have sex use condom during any type of sexual contact, including anal sex, oral sex or vagina sex.

* Ask your partner to be tested
Find out whether your partner has been tested for sexually transmitted infections, including gonorrhea. if not, ask whether he or she would be willing to undergo testing.

* Don’t have sex with someone who has any unusual symptoms
If your partner has signs or symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection, such as burning during urination or a genital rash or sore, don’t have sex with that person.

* Consider regular gonorrhea screening if you have an increased risk
Talk to your doctor about regular gonorrhea screening if you have an increased risk of infection. You may be at increased risk of gonorrhea if you have had gonorrhea or other sexually transmitted infections in the past, if you have a new sex partner, or if you have multiple sex partners.

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