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Genital Warts Symptoms

Genital warts can be raised or flat, and are usually flesh-colored. They may appear as cauliflower-like growths. Sometimes they are so small and flat that they cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Common places to find genital warts:

  • Females most often have warts inside or around the vagina or anus, on the skin around these areas, or on the cervix.
  • Males most often have warts on the penis, scrotum, groin area, or thighs, as well as inside or around the anus in those who have anal intercourse.
  • Both males and females may have warts on the lips, mouth, tongue, palate, or throat (larynx)

Other symptoms are rare, but may include:

  • Increased dampness or moisture in the area of the growths
  • Increased vaginal discharge
  • Itching of the penis, scrotum, anal area, or vulva
  • Vaginal bleeding, with or after sexual intercourse

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