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What is genital Warts?

Genital warts are warts that are located near or in the genital areas. In a female, that means on or near the vulva (the outside genital area), vagina, cervix, or anus. In a male, that means near or on the penis, scrotum, or anus. There are several alternative names for genital warts including Condylomata acuminata; Penile warts; Venereal warts; Condyloma; HPV DNA test; Sexually transmitted disease (STD). Genital warts may look like small, flesh-colored bumps or have a cauliflower-lie appearance. In many cases, the warts are too small to be visible.

Like warts that appear elsewhere on your body, genital warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Some strains of genital HPV can cause genital warts, while others can cause cancer. Vaccines can help protect against certain strains of genital HPV.

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