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Food Additives That Trigger ADHD

Children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) should pay attention to their food intake, including food additives that are used. This is because certain foods can make the ADHD symptoms worse.

Most of the studies linking diet with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) analyze a mixture of food additives and not a single material, making it difficult to find the main culprit.

As quoted from the Health there are some food additives that could exacerbate the problem of ADHD. List of food additives that trigger ADHD according to the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, are:

Brilliant Blue (Blue No. 1)
Blue food dye was found in some products desserts, ice cream, chips, candy, chocolate, candy and soft drinks with taste of grape.

Indigotine (Blue No. 2)
Food coloring is usually found in chocolate confectionery products, colorful nuts-containing chocolate, as well as pet food.

Green No. 3
This additives are rarely used and is usually found in candy, ice cream, soft drinks and some kind of puddings.

Orange B
Currently orange B food coloring is very rarely used and even in some countries no longer use it, it is generally used for sausage wrapper coloring.

Carmoisine (Red 3)
This food coloring is only found in some types of food products such as candy, cake icing and gum.

Sodium Benzoate
This substance is a food preservative that is still widely used in some products, its function is to inhibit the growth of microorganisms so that food becomes durable.

Allura Red (Red No. 40)
Food coloring is the most widely used in the United States are found in some food products, such as biscuits, oatmeal, jelly and other products.

Tartrazine (Yellow No. 5)
Food dyes have been tested singly and not as a mixture known to be associated with hyperactivity. Food coloring is usually used on some products such as instant noodles, waffle products, cheese products, macaroni and some other products.

Sunset Yellow (Yellow No. 6)
These food coloring can be used on any food or beverages consumed by children, such as multiple product chips, jelly, instant pudding, waffle products, cheese and macaroni products, candy and sodas that tasted orange.

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