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Eating Together Can Prevent Eating Disorder in Children

Eating together with the family at the dinner table have many benefits. Besides providing good etiquette lesson, it also gives a positive impact on child health.

One study found that adolescents who take the time to eat together at dinner table with their families can reduce the risk of getting eating disorder like bulimia and anorexia. The food served will also tend to be finished. In addition, parents also will slowly reduce smoking. It’s because children who are entering adulthood will likely feel uncomfortable being so close to the parents, so when it comes to eat together, they will occupy themselves on their food.

Child health will be maintained if parents can bring their children to eat together at the table three times a week. This was stated after a team of researches reviewed 17 studies of diet and nutrition that involved 200 thousands children and adolescents. Barbara Fiese wrote in ‘Journal of Pediatrics’ that the risk of eating disorder will be reduced as much as 35 percents in adolescents who eat at least five times a week with their parents. If someone on the family ever has eating disorder, the other family member will aware and point it out so they can take steps to make her/him healthy again.

Eating together is also a great time for families to exchange ideas as long as parents do not force or control the flow of conversation. This can cause a good interaction between family member.

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