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Binge Eating Causes

The cause of binge eating is unknown. As with many mental illnesses, it’s thought that a variety o factors are at play in binge eating, such as:

1. Biological factors
People with binge eating may have inherited genes that made them more susceptible to developing an eating disorder.

2. Psychological factors
Psychological and emotional factors may also play a role in binge eating. You may have low self-worth and trouble controlling impulsive behaviors, managing moods or expressing anger.

3. Environmental factors
Modern western culture often cultivates and reinforces a desire for thinness. Although most of people with binge eating are overweight, they’re probably acutely aware of their appearance and may get angry with themselves after eating binges.

There are also several risk factors of developing binge eating, they’re:
1. Female
2. Age in early 20s
3. Dieting
4. Psychological issues

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