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Male Breast Cancer Causes

It’s not clear what causes male breast cancer. Doctors know that male breast cancer occurs when some breast cells begin growing abnormally. These cells divide more rapidly than healthy cells do. The accumulating cells form a tumor that may spread or metastasize to nearby tissue, to the lymph nodes, or to the other parts of the body.

The causes of breast cancer can be because of gene changes / mutation, or hormone levels. As for hormone levels, the more cells divide it will increase the risk of getting breast cancer because sometimes there will be ‘mistakes’ when they’re copying the DNA. While mutation or gene changes, it might be the disfunction of some DNA and it will turn become cancerous.

People who at risk of breast cancer are:

1. Aging
2. Inherited
3. Alcohol and smoking
4. Liver Disease
5. Obesity
6. Testicular Condition


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