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Chlamydia Symptoms

Early-stage chlamydia infections often cause few or no signs and symptoms. When signs or symptoms do occur, they usually start one to three weeks after you’ve been exposed to chlamydia. Even when signs and symptoms do occur, they’re often mild and passing, making them easy to overlook.

As many as 1 in 4 men with chlamydia have no symptoms. In men, chlamydia may produce symptoms similar to gonorrhea. Symptoms may include:
1. Burning sensation during urination
2. Discharge from the penis or rectum
3. Testicular tenderness or pain
4. Rectal discharge or pain

Only about 30% of women with chlamydia have symptoms. Symptoms that may occur in women include:

1. Burning sensation during urination
2. Painful sexual intercourse
3. Rectal pain or discharge
4. Symptoms of PID, salpingitis, liver inflammation similar to hepatitis
5. Vaginal discharge

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