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Brain Cancer Treatment

As you know, brain cancer or brain tumors are masses of abnormal cells that have grown out of control. As soon as you figure the symptoms, you should go check up and ask your doctor. Brain cancer which are cancerous may be harmful and direct you to death. There are several types of treatment may be used to treat brain cancer including:

· Surgery
· Radiation therapy
· Chemotherapy (Link: Chemo side effects)
· Targeted therapy
· Other types of drugs

Treatment is based on the type of tumor and other factors, and in many cases a combination of treatments is used. Doctors plan each person’s treatment individually to give them the best chance of treating the cancer effectively while limiting the possible long-term side effects.

The cancers are of two types, primary meaning that the tumor grows in the brain itself, and secondary meaning that the cancer cells migrate from other parts of the body. Since it is difficult to isolate the tumor from the surrounding tissues, treatment becomes very difficult.

The tumor can occur in any portion of the brain, the cerebrum, the cerebellum, the brain stem or the meninges. The tumors are described according to their nature. Non-infiltrating tumor will according to its name not be invasive and mostly slow growing. Anaplastic tumors will be aggressive. Tumors which are well differentiated will be aggressive. Many of the brain tumors originate from the glial cells, the cells of the nervous system, and are thus termed as gliomas.

The most common method used in Brain Cancer Treatment is surgery. This is possible for grade I type of cancer where the cells grow slowly and does not spread into nearby cells.

Brain Cancer Treatment using drugs is termed as chemotherapy. There are two kinds of chemotherapy. One is systemic and the other is called regional chemotherapy. In systemic chemotherapy the drugs are taken orally so that they enter the blood stream and spread throughout the body. In the regional chemotherapy, the drug in placed at the site affected such as the spinal cord and the drugs attack the cancer cells directly. Systemic chemotherapy now is also possible by use of catheters and needles. The medicine is placed within the containers and then the containers are taken to the site affected by the cancer. It is an advanced form of Brain Cancer Treatment.

The ability to accomplish complete cures is possible and Brain Cancer Treatment is done by those who are skillful and have the ingenuity and adroitness to handle such complex operations.

The number of people who find out that they have brain cancer in the US is put at 17,000. Canelim Capsules prescribed in Chinese alternate medicine is found to be effective in Brain Cancer Treatment. The main property of this capsule is that it enhances the immunity system, thus making the body produce more immune cells. The cancer cells shrink and are thus controlled.

Treatment of cancer should be started as early as possible because cancer cells have a property of multiplying very fast. If metastasis occurs the chances of survival of the patient becomes next to impossible. However medicine is striving to overcome the challenge and the turn of the century should see some progress in this field as the medical experts the world over, try their best to control this disease.

Orthodox treatment is in most cases found to be effective in alleviating the symptoms and reducing the pain. The complete cure is yet to be arrived at. Prevention is the best form of cure and one should give the medicine the chance by going in for periodic checkups. If there are any lumps you should immediately consult the doctor and have the lump checked for cancer. Visiting your doctor once in every six months should be a mandatory thing for all people.


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