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Tips and Tricks: To Help Child with ADHD

Your child can’t sit still, never seem to listen, don’t follow instructions no matter how clearly you present them, or blurt out inappropriate comments at inappropriate times? They may have ADHD. It’s better to know what are the symptoms of ADHD and also what causes ADHD to help you to do the best treatment for your child.

Actually, it’s not easy to live or cope with a child with ADHD. You and your child’s teachers at school can follow general guidelines to manage your child problematic behavior. Here below, you there’s a management techniques (tips and tricks) for you and your child’s teacher that worth to try:

1. Create a daily routine for your child, (eg homework schedules, bedtime and mealtime routines).
2. Be specific in your instructions to your child and make clear and reasonable requests, (eg instead of telling the child to ‘behave’ suggest ‘play quietly with you for 10 minutes’).
3. Set clear and easily understood boundaries, (eg how much TV your child may watch, and that rudeness is unacceptable).
4. Be consistent in the handling and managing your child.
5. Remove disturbing or disruptive elements from your child daily routine, (eg remove siblings from the room when they are doing homework or turn off the TV).
6. Plan structured programmes aimed at gradually lengthening your child’s concentration span and ability to focus on tasks.
7. Communicate with your child on a one-to-one basis and avoid addressing other children at the same time.
8. Use rewards (eg stickers, tokens or even money) consistently and frequently to reinforce appropriate behaviour such as listening to adults and concentrating.
9. Use sanctions (eg loss of privileges, being sent to their room) for unacceptable behaviour or ‘overstepping’ of boundaries.
10. Discuss your child with their school’s teacher or nursery and see if you can work together.

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