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Tips for General Good Vision

The following tips below can help you to reduce eyestrain and keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear as possible!

  1. Provide good light for reading, work, or study (soft background light plus a light on your task).
  2. Take regular breaks room close work and visually demanding tasks. Blink often, and close then rest your eyes when they felt tired or dry.
  3. Avoid glare on TV or computer screens. Place your TV or computer screen where lights do not reflect on the screen. some people find it easier to work on computer in a dimly lit room. And some people use special non-glare screen that fit over the computer or TV screen.
  4. Wear proper eye safety equipment for hazardous tasks.
  5. Wear UV-blocking sunglasses to protect your eyes from excessive ultraviolet light from the sun, which increases the risk of cataracts.
  6. Keep your blood pressure under control. High blood pressure can damage the blood vessels that supply blood to your eyes.
  7. Avoid smoke and other things that irritate your eyes.


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