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Symptoms of Fever in Children

Fever is a normal response to a variety of conditions, but the most common of which is infection. Fever occurs when the body’s temperature is elevated as a result of the body’s thermostat being reset to a higher than usual temperature. You know, there are some of the most common causes of fever in children such as viral invections and bacterial infections. But don’t worry, there are also some options to treat fever, but it’s better for you to know what are the usual symptoms of fever.

Most children feel bad when they are sick and have a fever, especially when the fever’s real high. This often cause of several fever symptoms they may have, such as:

* Your child’s body temperature above 38 C
* Feel tired
* look pale
* Have a poor appetite
* Have a headache or other aches and pains
* Feel generally unwell
* Shivering
* Irritability
* Sweating
* Furred tongue
* High coloured urine
* Confusion

The symptoms above are just some common symptoms. But if you find your children: is unusually sleepy or difficult to wake up, has bluish or motted skin, cold hands and feet, weaker than usual, high pitched cry or won’t stop crying, difficulty breathing or breathing very quickly, fit, develops a rash that doesn’t disappear when pressed, and vomiting, you better get your child to the hospital immediately. Always seek medical advice if your child develops a fever soon.

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