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What You can Do To Prevent Hearing Loss

Hearing loss or hearing impairment happens when there’s a problem with one or more parts of the ear. It gradually will become annoying and disturb you because you can’t communicate well with other person due to the deafness. Here are tips for you to prevent hearing loss.

1. Avoid continuous exposure to loud environments. back away, or simply get away from too much noise. If you have no choice, move to quieter area.

2. Don’t insert strange object that may cause damage to the ears.

3. Beware of high level of noise, avoid those places.

4. Use ear plug when you work using drills or lawnmowers.

5. Don’t play the stereo too loud and use the minimum or comfort volume if you use headphone.

6. If you are taking medications that can cause hearing loss, your doctor should carefully monitor their levels with blood tests.

7. Don’t phone more than 20-30 minutes because the radiation may cause damage to your ears and it also can cause cancer. Use loudspeaker if you can.

8. Bring and wear ear protector or taking breaks from the noise during any activities which can make loud sounds.

9. Eat foods which contain magnesium and folic acid such as grapes, mango, dates, and sweet potato. It can help you to keep your hearing sharper.

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