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Hyperopia: The Symptoms

We all know after read this article, farsightedness or hyperopia is inability to see near object, as we concluded, it only can see something far with some distance more clearly than a closer one. The main symptoms of farsightedness is blurred vision, especially when viewing near objects. If you’re farsighted, you may have troubled focusing when preforming close up tasks such as reading or sewing. Here are following sign of farsightedness

  1. Blurred vision
  2. Frequent headache
  3. Aching eyes or eyestrain
  4. Difficulty tracking from one line to the next while reading, or tendency to read the same line over and over again.

While, children with mild farsightedness may have no symptoms. But a child with severe farsightedness may:

  1. Complaint or frequent headache
  2. Rub their eyes often
  3. Have a lack of interest in reading
  4. Have difficulty reading
  5. Have crossed eyes (strabismus).


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