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What Foods Are Goods For Asthma?

The average American subsists primarily on prepared and processed foods, eats hardly any fresh fruits and vegetables, and consumes unnaturally high amounts of sugar and salt.

It’s only been within the past decade or so, with the increase in allergy and asthma rates, that researchers have begun examining a possible connection with diet. What they’re finding is downright intriguing. For instance, who knew that whole milk could protect you against asthma? Or that eating margarine could increase your risk of developing asthma? Or that apples might as well be called “asthma-protective round fruits”?

The most important thing when fighting asthma with food is to introduce as much vitamin  C and beta-carotene  as possible into the diet. These nutrients go straight to the lungs and help to fight off respiratory diseases.

Here are some foods which may help you to fight asthma:

1. Raw onions and scallions.

They are contains sulfur compounds which have been shown to reduce inflammation for asthma-sufferers and those with other respiratory ailments.

2. Apples and pears.

Apples and pears also protected against current asthma, with reduced risk ratio of 0.83.

3. Oysters, mackerel, spinach and halibut.

They are high in magnesium which may helps to smoothe the respiratory airways so that more air can pass through. Magnesium also reduces the inflammation-causing cells in the body.

4. Salmon, and the oily type fishes.

Omega-3 fatty acids also help reduce lung inflammation and can also reduce tissue damage that results after repeated asthma attacks. You can found the omega-3 fatty acids in them.

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