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Epilepsy Symptoms in Children!

The main symptoms of epilepsy are repeated seizures. There are about 40 different types of seizure, and how they affect you depends on which areas of your brain are affected.

Many kinds of partial seizure disorders are found in young children. The most common is benign rolandic epilepsy of childhood. Onset is usually between 18 months and 13 years of age. Children are likely to have a family history of the condition. Most seizures occur at night, and they typically wake the child. Facial numbness, twitching, difficulty talking, and drooling occur.

Doctors who treat epilepsy classify seizures by how much of the brain is affected. There are:
* Partial seizures, where only a small part of the brain is affected
* Generalized seizures, where most or all of the brain is affected

The Symptoms of partial seizures include:

* Changes in the way things look, smell, feel, taste or sound
* An intense feeling that events have happened before (déjà vu)
* A tingling sensation, or ‘pins and needles’, in children arms and legs
* A sudden intense emotion, such as fear or joy
* The muscles in children arms, legs and face may become stiff
* Children may experience twitching on one side of their body
* Smacking their lips
* Rubbing their hands
* Making random noises
* Moving your arms around
* Picking at clothes
* Fiddling with objects
* Adopting an unusual posture
* Chewing or swallowing

The Symptoms of generalized seizures according to its main types include:

* Generalized tonic-clonic seizures (grand mal seizures), during which the person falls to the ground, the entire body stiffens, and the person’s muscles begin to jerk or spasm (convulse).
* Absence seizures (petit mal seizures), which make a person stare into space for a few seconds and then “wake up” without knowing that anything has happened.
* Myoclonic seizures, which make the body jerk like it is being shocked.
* Atonic seizures, in which a sudden loss of muscle tone makes the person fall down without warning.
* Tonic seizures, in which the muscles suddenly contract and stiffen, often causing the person to fall down.

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