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Adjusting to Hearing Aids

It may take from several weeks to months for you to get used to your hearing aids. You may find that:

  1. Sounds seem strange. It’s good to remember that hearing aids will not make you hear like you used to. And nothing will ever sound completely normal. If noises are so strange or shrill that they are distracting you, tell your hearing aid provider before you leave the office.
  2. You hear things you haven’t heard in a long time. For example, you may hear background noises (rustling papers, clinking silverware) much more clearly.
  3. You are more aware of sounds close to you. Your footsteps, heartbeat, or car motor may be much more noticeable. With time, your brain will get better at ignoring these sounds.
  4. Your hearing aid can be uncomfortable. But it should not be painful. Before you leave the hearing aid provider’s office with your new hearing aids, make sure they fit. Your hearing aid should not hurt your ear or be loose in your ear.
  5. Sometimes your hearing aid will make a buzzing noise when you use a cell phone. This noise can be annoying, and it can make it hard to hear the person on the phone. If you use a cell phone, make sure your hearing aid provider knows. He or she can suggest hearing aids that work better with cell phones. And when you buy a new cell phone, buy one that is compatible with hearing aids.

Here are some general tips to help you adjust to your new hearing aid.

  • Start by wearing your hearing aid when you are talking to only one person. These are the easiest conversations to understand. Slowly work up to conversations with more than one person.
  • Continue to pay attention to people’s gestures, facial expressions, posture, and tone of voice. Your hearing aid won’t help you catch every word that is said, especially in a loud place.
  • Wear your hearing aid. The more you wear it, especially at the beginning, the faster you will get used to it.


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