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Types Of Music And Its Effect For The Body

Many experts believe that the rhythm of the music has a calming effect and benefit the body. And every kind of music have different effects for the body. That’s why there are a therapy that use the power of music. Einstein himself said that one reason he is so smart is because he loves to play the violin. Here are some types of music and its effect on the body as reported by LifeMojo.

1. Classical
Listening to classical music can calm your body and stimulate your mind. Moreover, it has effect to reduce stress and increase specific types of intelligence as it creates an ideal environment for thinking. Listening to them regularly can calm the heart beat and helpful in heart disease.

2. Country
Sociology professor, James Gundlach founds that country music listener have the higher rate of suicide. Themes in the country music trigger a suicidal mood for the people who already at risk of suicide. But this theory works in the old country music which has lower beat that today’s country music.

3. Rap or Hip hop
Rap videos often exposed sex and violence, so it will affect teens who watched it to practice this behaviour in their everyday life. But the energetic music can promote the feeling to dance and cheerful.

4. Rock
Rock music can give you adrenaline rush like no other kind of music. If you don’t like rock music, listening to them will only make you feel angrier and annoyed and also increase your heart rate and blood pressure. But if you enjoy this kind of music, it can be stress reliever without affecting your heart rate or blood pressure.

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