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Tea, A Healthy Drink

Tea is natural drink and health drink whether you drunk it in hot or cold, tea is the best thing you can drink. It is the second most consumed after water. Modern research indicates that tea contents lots of nutrients that help to build up good health. You can also lost your fat by another benefits of tea. Some of the benefits of tea you should know are :

1. Tea can refresh and help you work efficiency

Tea is a true stimulant because it contains caffeine which can stimulates the centralnervous system and blood circulation. It helps muscles relax and influence the metabolic process of all body cells. It also use to cure angina pectoris and myocardial infarction.


2. Tea is thirst conquer and aid of digestion

After a heavy meal, a cup of strong tea will stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and help digestion food. It contained the vitamin groups sucah as inositol, folio acid, pantothenic acid etc. and compounds as methionine; thenylcyoteine, cholive, etc. Aromatic substances contained in tea also aid to digestion of food and disperse unpleasant mouth odor since fat can be dissolved in aromatic substances.

3. Tea helps urine output and purge toxin

Folk remedies from China showed that a cup of strong tea is good for curing the bacillary dysentery. That is the patent drug using tea as raw materials are good for dysentery and cold. It is known for its efficaciousness in combating alcholism and nicotine.

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