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Tattoo Infections

A tattoo is an image created on the skin by inserting pigment. Tattoos have been around for long, from Japanese and Polynesian tribes to modernists worldwide today. Tattoos can also be used to camouflage medical conditions or skin diseases like vitiligo and loss of eyebrows due to alopecia. Have you ever considered the complications that may arise from tattooing?

1. Skin infections. If the tattooing equipment is contaminated, you are at the risk of infections from staph bacteria or diseases like hepatitis C, hepatitis B, tetanus, TB, and HIV.
2. Allergies. Allergies to red dyse are the most common. They can be painful and last for long periods.
3. Tattoo tingles. You may feel a strange but quite harmless tingling sensation under the skin due to this. In rare cases, it may cause swellings and burns.
4. Nothing endures but change. The brightness of tattoes can fade with time. You may end up with a blurred image.

If you planning to make a tattoo, choose a good parlour that has sufficient references. The tattoes that pose the higest hazards are the do-it-yourself ones. These are created using a pin and some India ink. Or it is better to have temporary tattoes. It stave off many risks.

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