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The Sweet Purpose of Lime

Indeed, limes have a sour taste. But did you know that behind the sour taste, lime has a very nice usability? More about the usefulness of lime as quoted from Health:

1. Hangover helper
Combine 2 teaspoon of fresh lime juice and a quarter teaspoon of sugar. Add them to an 8-ounce glass of water and drink slowly in the morning, before you consume anything else. Lime will refresh your liver while sugar helps to stabilize blood glucose.

2. Splatter erase
Lime contains citric acids that can help to remove grease and food splatter on your microwave. Put 3 tablespoon of lime juice in a bowl of water. Heat the liquid until boiling in the microwave. Let is for a few minutes. Remove the liquid and wipe the microwave with a soapy rag, then wipe again with a clean wet rag.

3. Skin brightener
Scrub from salt and lime can remove dry skin patches. To make the scrub, simply mix 2 tablespoon orange massage oil, 1 tablespoon agave nectar, fresh juice from half a lime, and 2 tablespoon sea salt. Massage your body with the mixture using a circular motion, rinse, and pat dry. Vitamin C from lime will rejuvenate your skin while its acids and salt will remove dead skin cells.

4. Disease fighter
To get the health benefits of lime squeeze lime juice and add it to a cup of green tea. Lime rich in vitamin C that can help your body to absorb catechin in green tea better to do its job: fight heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

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