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Suicide is the act of a human being intentionally causing his or her own death. Suicide is often committed out of despair, or attributed to some underlying mental disorder which includes depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, alcoholism and drug abuse. Those were just some of suicide causes.

Over one million people commit suicide every year, a “global” mortality rate of 16 per 100,000, or one death every 40 seconds. In the last 45 years suicide rates have increased by 60% worldwide. The World health Organization estimates that it is the thirteenth-leading cause of death worldwide and the National Safety Council rates it sixth in the United States. It is leading cause of death among teenagers and adult under 35. Rates of suicide are higher in men than in women. There are an estimated 10 to 20 million non-fatal attempted suicides every year worldwide.

Medically assisted suicide (euthanasia, or the right to die) is currently a controversial ethical issue involving people who are terminally ill, in extreme pain, or have (perceived or construed) minimal quality of life through injury or illness. Self-sacrifice for others is not always considered suicide, as the goal is not to kill oneself but to save another.

Suicide is often dismissed as if it were a simple subject. In reality, however, the idea of suicide is very complex and needs first to be defined before it can be analyzed or, most importantly, understood. The act of suicide will be evaluated regarding physically healthy and mentally competent individuals. the question is why such seemingly “normal” people would choose to take their own lives. Unfortunately, the answer is not an easy one. There are many different views concerning the causes of suicide.

Since suicide rates have increased by 60% worldwide, it is better for us to open our arms wide opened, helping everyone around us (mostly the one that closed to us), at least just to hear what are things burdened them physically or mentally. It is a little thing we can do to prevent suicide becomes increase.


Here are a video, a story of Megan, which in hope it can make you think once more to get suicide. Guys, suicide is just useless. You’re not alone in the world anyway.

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