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What Causes Suicide Anyway? How Would I Know The Symptoms?

Suicide is the act of a human being intentionally causing his or her own death. Although the reasons why people commit suicide are multifaceted and complex, life circumstances that may immediately precede someone committing suicide. The act of suicide should be evaluated regarding physically healthy and mentally competent individuals.

Here are some possible causes of suicide:
1. Breakup of romantic relationship
2. Loss (especially if by suicide) of a best friend
3. Loss of freedom
4. Loss of other privileges
5. Depression. Long and/or frequent periods of sadness (“the blues”)
6. Bipolar disorder
7. Schizophrenia
8. Alcoholism and drug abuse
9. Anxiety
10. Feeling of worthlessness
11. Feeling of unexplained or unreasonable guilt
12. Financial problems
13. Insomnia

In fact, some people have suicidal thoughts, and if you ask them if they’re depressed they’ll tell you,”No.” Usually though, someone has to be severely depressed for an extended period of time, before they attempt suicide. Then the question is, can someone who is suffering from depression really tell how depressed they actually are?

Sometimes, denial is pretty powerful. Many people especially males, don’t like to admit that they are depressed. Well, it helps to know the symptoms of depression which it can lead to suicide. Dr. Lewis said that there are some of symptoms of depressions you should know.

1. Sad mood for an extended period of time
2. Thoughts of hopelessness and helplessness
3. Suicidal thoughts
3. No energy
4. Not getting pleasure out of things that one used to enjoy

But there are also another symptoms too. Such as, suddenly visiting friends or family members (one last time), buying instruments of suicide like a gun, hose, rope, pills or other forms of medications, a sudden and significant decline or improvement in mood, or writing a suicide note.

Is there anything that we can do to to prevent it to be happened? Yes, there are something that we can do to prevent it. You can follow our link in

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