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Get Slim by Tea

You can get tea benefits that can burn body fat. Beside to keeping food portions and exercise regularly, it’s good to you to consider the benefits that tea can burn body fat following, as quoted from methods of healing. Here are some teas which could help you make your body slimmer..
1. Oolong Tea

This tea has been scientifically proven have the ability to push your body to burn fat by 12 percent. Its increases metabolism of about 250 percent to block the absorption of fat and cholesterol, and helps reduce fat around the belly. In addition, this tea can also reduce stress and lowering your blood pressure.

2. Green Tea

Many people proved green tea is good to lose weight. Green tea contains natural caffeine and antioxidants. As known that caffeine is a real fat burner. This tea also has another benefit as a control and regulates glucose and regulates your appetite. It also improves metabolism.

3. Wu Long Tea

Ideally, this type of tea consumed before meals because every time eat our bodies absorb carbohydrates. This tea reduces the body’s ability to absorb carbohydrates. That is, helping your body burn fat. According to the study you can burn your fat about 10 percent more calories if you drink wu long tea every day at least one cup

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