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How Safe Is Vaginal Grooming?

Just as beauty trend, trend to beautify the down-there is also growing. If so far you only knew waxing or grooming, you will be surprise that there are a lot of vaginal beautification trends these days. Some of them include coloring the hair and putting beads onto it. How safe are them? read this article before you decided to decorate your private part with various beauty trends. As quoted from Health.

1. Vajazzling
Vajazzling become popular when Jennifer Love-Hewitt talks about it on TV. This method is to stick colourful gewgaws on the waxed pubic skin. The side effect is you wouldn’t know the reaction of your freshly waxed skin to the glue. The stones can also be scratchy. Better save your money for a sexy lingerie because they will last linger than vajazzling.

2. Dyeing
People usually dye their pubic hair to match them with their dyed hair, cover up grays, or just amusing their partner. The consequences it your pubic hair is far more easy to irritate than other hair. If you insist to dye your down-there hair, try on your armpit first because it is almost as sensitive as pubic hair.

3. Bleaching
Bleach used to lighten the skin of your vulva. Chemical compounds can irritate the skin, blistering, or even chemical burn. To the expert, bleaching your vagina is a pretty stupid idea.

4. Brazillian Waxing
Wax is to take the most or even all of your pubic hair. Pubic hair, no matter how ugly they are, is to protect your vulva. Waxing it off can irritate or tear delicate skin. Moreover, they can lead to ingrown hair, rashes, and infection. Salon that is unhygiene can increase the problem. Contact your doctor immediately if you notice any problem.

5. Piercing
Piercing on the vagina usually in the clitoral hood, inner labia, outer labia, or perineum. It carries the risk of infection. If you had vaginal piercing, be meticulous about the aftercare and notice if there’s any redness or swelling.

6. Vaginal cosmetics surgery
This surgery include shortening or reshaping the labia, clitoral unhooding, and tightening vagina. Surgery can leave scar tissue, permanent disfigurement, and painful nerve damage. Try to love your vagina just the way they are made.

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