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The Risk of Eye Contact Lenses

For anyone who cannot bear wearing glasses for whatever reason, contact lenses are a blessing. Contact lenses are thin, curved plastic disks designed to cover the cornea, the clear front covering of the eye. If someone who does not capable of placing, removing, cleaning, and caring for eye contact lenses, he/she should not to wear them. Sometimes, wearing contact lenses puts you at a risk of several serious problem eye infection and corneal ulcers,etc. Here are some of the risk you should know before you decided to put off your glasses then wearing eye contact lenses.

1. Corneal Ulcers
Sometimes corneal ulcer can occur in those who wear eye contacts lenses. This happens when the eyes reject the lenses and/or have an allergy to them. If that happened to you, remove it immediately then contact your doctor.
2. Pink Eye

Pink eye can sometimes result from wearing contact lenses. Since pink eye, a virus is contagious, every care should be taken to clear up the infection in order to not infect others.
3. Contact Lenses Allergy
The fact that a contact lens is constantly touching the eye leads to the possibility of an allergy developing to the lens material, deposits on the lens, or to solutions used with the lens. Soft lenses usually extend somewhat onto the conjunctiva outside of the cornea.

That was some risk you should know. And maintaining your eye health is important. There are some good foods to help you keep your eyes’ healthy just like avocado, carrots, Broccoli, etc.

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