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Rest For Good Health

Sometimes, getting a good night’s sleep is not easy. You may even get insomnia. You know, a good dose of rest is highly necessary to bring strength and life back to those aching muscles. If you are in the habit of overworking yourself without adequate rest, then you had better get wiser now because you are doing more harm to yourself than your body can handle.

There is nothing like having a good sleep especially for those who care about their health. Good sleep can prime the immune system and keep the body prepared to carry on with the following day’s work. During sleep hours, it is essential that your room be dark. If there is a streetlamp outside, you can mask the light with heavy blinds – or even an eye mask. Here are some tips you may try to get a good night’s sleep.

1. Avoid rich, fatty or greasy foods, and stay away from spicy foods. Your stomach needs times to digest these kinds of foods and it may keep you awake.
2. Avoid drinking to much to bedtime. You will find yourself waking up wanting to go to the bathroom.
3. Avoid alcohol. Because in the long run it effects your sleep pattern and causes frequent awakenings.
4. Avoid caffeine. Not just coffee, but also caffeinated sodas, caffeinated chocolate, and certain teas.
5. Be relaxed. Do something that relaxes you.
6. Avoid anything that causes stress and anxiety. Your sleep time should be charaterized by peace and quiet. Try to listen to soft music, read, do a jigsaw puzzle, etc.

You can also quiet your mind with simple activities like getting your clothes ready for the next day, or making a list of things to do. You would be surprised at how much more relaxed and sleepy you feel.

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