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List of Foods That Satiate You

When you on a diet, it is important to feel full longer so you will eat less. Here are some foods that can be used as a stomach booster.

1. Water
Drink two glasses of 8 ounces water before each meal. Water will fill your stomach and cut up to 60 calories per meal.

2. Vinegar
Use vinegar and cinnamon to flavor your food if possible. Both product helps to regulate blood sugar after meal and help you feel full longer after eating.

3. Vegetables
Veggies has been long known as hunger repellent with less calories. Green and orange vegetables contain about 90% water which fills your stomach.

4. Potato
White and sweet potato contains starch that fill your stomach. You also cut 320 calories less per day if you consume them.

5. Fish
Omega-3 in fish also helps to fill you up. People who eat fish feel fuller that people who eat beef and vut 75 fewer calories at the next meal.

6. Nuts
Nuts contains fiber, protein, fat satiates you and increase your metabolism up to 11%.

7. Oats
Oats have a filling fiber called beta-glucan, this compound helps the body to release CCK, a hunger-suppressing hormone.

8. Beans
Beans contain a fiber-protein balance to satiate you. A diet rich in beans also speed up your metabolism.

9. Egg
This protein-packed food found to helps control appetite for up to 36 hours.

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