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Garlic for the Heart Health

Is garlic good for the heart? Researches have cracked the mystery of eating garlic can help keep the hearth healthy. Many studies have looked at the role and benefits of garlic supplements in heart disease. Specially diabetics are susceptible to diabetic cardiomyphathy, in which that the heart tissue inflamed and weakened in response to hyperglycemia (high blood sugar level).

Scientists with the current study fed either garlic oil or corn oil to rats that had diabetes. Rats given garlic demonstrated changes that protect the heart against damage. The positive changes seemed to be associated with the antioxidants found in garlic, and noted that they had identified more than 20 substances that may be contributing to the heart-protective properties of garlic. The American Dietetic Association suggested that in order to obtain the potential health benefits of garlic, one must take 600 – 900mg (about 1 fresh clove) per day.

The scientists concluded that “Garlic oil possesses significant potential  for protecting against heart disease, and specifically cardiomyopathy, in people who have diabetes.“  Judy O’Sullivan, a cardiac nurse at the British Heart Foundation, said: “This interesting study suggests that garlic may provide some heart health benefits.”

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