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Foods That Causes Cellulite

It is sometimes embarrassing if you have cellulite in your body. Doing some healthy diet, using natural remedies, and exercising can help to fight this enemy. And it is even better to avoid these cellulite-causing foods below.

Before we started, you must avoid unhealthy diet that rich in calorie, this make cellulite more visible. There also a link between sodium and cellulite. Excess of sodium traps water under your skin and it creates the cellulite. The best thing to do is doing a low sodium diet and drink at least 1.5 litres of water. And here’s the list of the cellulite-causing foods.

1. Salt
Sodium founds in salt, and you must avoid eating salt because it support the toxin accumulation and making cellulite more visible. Avoid any foods that contains a lot of salt.

2. Refined foods
Sugar and dairy product, same as salt, contribute to the cellulite development by accumulating toxin. Avoid sugar, sodas, bottled fruit juice, cookies, croissant, and sugary breakfast cereals.

3. Fats
Avoid bad salt that comes from red meat, salami, sausages, smoked meat, and ham. You should also avoid nuts, sour cream, whip cream, mayonnaise, margarine, and butter.

4. Refined carbohydrates
This foods have been processed to give them finer texture and prolong their shelf life. So replace white pasta, white rice, and white bread with whole wheat version.

5. Drinks
Alcohol can cause liver and kidneys malfunction. It is also can cause cellulite because alcohol attacks the digestive, nervous, and kidney system. Having liver or kidney malfunction means that your body can’t eliminate the toxins.

6. Fried and junk foods
Try to avoid roasted and fried food or use small quantities of oil. Avoid junk food completely since it is more than unhealthy, It is rich in calories, bad fats, and additives, it also lack of essential nutrients that your body needs.

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