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Food and Drinks To Give To Your Sick Children

Sick kids doesn’t have appetite and you need to struggle in order to feed them. The best way to get your sick children to eat is by offering small, frequent meals in gentle. DO not force them to eat and ask them to eat in a manner. These foods and drinks can comfort and warmth your sick children.

1. Chicken soup
Chicken soup has been long proven to be a remedy for cold and sore throats. They has anti-inflammatory properties and reducing mucus production. Even a broth, canned soup are effective. If your kids have some appetite, try adding whole wheat cracker crumble or cooked macaroni.

2. Tomato soup with milk
Tomato can run easily through your kid’s sore throat. They usually don’t like the acid content, that’s why use milk to cut the acid. Simply dilute the tomato soup with milk rather than water. It will resulted in a delicious and creamy concoction.

3. Hot cider
A cup of warm cider will make your kids warm and comfortable. Mix water, cinnamon, apples, and all spice. Or warm up diluted apple juice and put a few cinnamon sticks.

4. Canned chicken broth
Heat a canned of chicken broth. The heat will help to soothe their throat. It also gives them some nutrition. You can also float a few tiny saltine cracker bits.

5. Warm and fresh lemonade
Use juicer to squeeze pulp from the fruit then mix it with sugar to make a syrup. Add a warm water and stir it to make a warm lemonade. Warm lemonade hydrates the body and soothe sore throats. This also a source of vitamin C that will help to cure disease.

6. Orange juice mixed with ginger ale
Mix one part orange juice with one part ginger ale over ice. Ginger ale cuts the acidity of the orange and the bubble add some fun to your kids.

7. Cookies
Add an oatmeal and raisin cookies to your children’s lunch. This will be healthier than most other cookie option.

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