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Delicious Healthy Ice Cream

Most of peoples loves ice cream, specially in summer time. Ice cream becomes the most favorite snacks. It seems as if ice cream trucks have been leisurely strolling down residential streets since early May. As much as ice cream is probably as close to ambrosia as we mere mortals are going to get. It is in fact extremely fattening and filled with sugar. Enjoying ice cream by itself is practically becoming absolute, you could probably burn as many calories chewing as they has ice cream. Traditionally, ice cream is made with heavy ice cream loaded with saturated fat (the bad kind of fat). But you don’t have to worry, because now there are a few brands have mastered the technology of making lower-fat ice cream taste good without so much fat. As a matter of fact, you should choose an ice cream with less than 120 calories and 2 g of bad fats per serving. And here are some of recommended ice cream you may know.

1. Edy’s slow churned strawberry.

The berry flavor of it is nice and fresh. And the strawberry preserves swirled troughtout. At just 110 calories and 3 grams of fat for a half cup, this one’s a very good deal by just spending $5.50 per 1.75 quarts.

2. Breyers double churned cookies & cream light.

Breyers light ice cream isn’t as thick or creamy as their regular stuff, but its fluffy texture is so lovely. Especially for only 120 caloriesa dn 4 grams of fat per cup. And you can only have to spend $5.29 per 1.75 quarts.

3. Häagen-Dazs Extra Rich Light Dutch Chocolate.

This is more decadent light ice cream with 190 calories and 5 grams of fat per half cup. The chocolate is really rich too. It’s a must-have for PMS. You can get it by $3.69 per pint.

4. Häagen-Dazs Low-Fat Dulce de Leche Frozen Yogurt.

Its cost is just the same with Häagen-Dazs Extra Rich Light Dutch Chocolate, that is $3.69 per pint. Of all of the fro-yo varieties, this one is the best. Its texture and caramel swirls is so lovely. One small problem, it is not super light on calories 190 per half cup but it has only 2.5 grams of fat.

5. Paciugo Mediterranean Sea Salt Caramel Gelato.

Salt intensifies flavor, and this delightful gelato is no exception. It tastes absolutely sinful and it nearly is at 160 calories and 4.5 grams of fat for less than a half cup. You can visit paciugo website for store location. Cups start at $2.99 only.

6. Häagen Dazs Brazilian Açai Berry Sorbet.

Häagen Dazs Brazilian Açai Berry Sorbet’s dense is lovely. It packs in a punch of açai berry (which it is a little bit like a blueberry and blackberry), and offers you 20% of your daily vitamin C needs at only 120 calories and 2 grams of fat per half cup. You should spend $4.99 for a pint. It is available at select grocery stores only.

7. McDonald’s Vanilla Cone.

Surprising isn’t it? Something at McDonald’s a healthy alternative? No this is not a joke. You just have to pay the upwards of $2 for a cone at the ice cream truck. You’ll thoroughly satisfied having only 150 calories per ice cream and cone together for only $1 (plus tax).

So go ahead and eat ice cream from time to time, as long as you don’t overload on sugar and saturated fat.

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